Using the Scientific Method, we craft hemp edibles with consistent & repeatable effects.

In 2015 we started making infused caramels in the Oregon Medical Market.

2017, awarded our Oregon Recreational License.

2018, the Farm Bill passed, legalizing hemp.

2019, became the #1 Selling Infused Caramel in Oregon.

2020, we began infusing our caramels with craft hemp & shipping to all hemp-friendly States.

Many beneficial compounds can be found in the hemp plant. However navigating the maze of CBD Products is tricky, leaving you unsure what’s legitimate & what’s snake oil. With our Founders’ backgrounds in Chemistry & Engineering, we’ve been studying & crafting infused edibles since 2015.

We simmer whole plant hemp in melted butter, creating the full-spectrum hemp-butter we use to infuse our caramels. This simple infusion method preserves the beneficial compounds called Cannabinoids & Terpenes, found in the craft hemp we use for a full-spectrum infusion. 

Effects-Based edibles with the dominant Cannabinoids & Terpenes listed on the label – control your experience with consistent & repeatable effects.